Nicole MacLeod is a graduate of Wilkes University with her BSN in 2008. Nicole obtained a Master’s degree in Nursing Education in 2015. She has been a nurse for 10 years and has provided care to patients in all stages of life, from birth to geriatrics, as well as Hospice care. When Nicole joined the Associated Family Home Care Team, she said she found that “something missing” and regained a passion for nursing again.
When Nicole is not on the road seeing patients, she is busy being a wife and mom to 3 children: Tyler (10), Blaine (6) and Tegan (4). She enjoys juggling errands, doctor’s appointments and never ending house chores with school events, baseball games, wrestling meets and any other family activities that come up. In what little spare time Nicole has, she enjoys Florida Gators football, reading, horseback riding and listening to Christian and Country music.